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Pressure controller

Pressure controller

The pressure controller is an instrument for monitoring, alarming, interlocking control, and logic protection of various gaseous and liquid media to achieve automatic pressure control. It is mainly used in the automation control system of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in metallurgical, machinery, chemical and other industries.

The pressure controller, which is of adequate and vibration resistant design, is equipped with locking device, adjustment indicating mechanism and field pressure indication instrument. It is easy in use with working pressure indicated intuitively, and acts sensitively with less actuating error. Its two sets of setting and control mechanisms can be adjusted separately without mutual interference. The controller provides high squeezing strength, and accurate, reliable and stable control. It is compatible with diversified materials and is suitable for media of different properties.
Technical parameters
-- Control range: -0.1~40 MPa
-- Maximum operating pressure: upper limit of instrument range 
-- Accuracy: ≤3.5 MPa is ±1% FS; ≥6 MPa is ±2% FS
-- Field instrument accuracy: ±2.5% FS
-- Ambient temperature: -20~40℃, medium temperature: -20~120℃
-- Protection degree of housing: IP65

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