Electro-hydraulic disc brake

Electro-hydraulic disc brake

•  The electro-hydraulic disc brake with large braking force and dexterity of action.

•  The tiles on the two sides of brake automatically equal distance back, automatic compensation of worn pads.

•  Limit switches control can be carried out to provide a interlock protection signal.

•  Suit for deceleration and parking braking of transmission mechanism of heavy load and large machinery.

The electro-hydraulic disc brake has high-performance and multiple-functions. It is with advanced functions of automatic equalization of pad retraction and automatic compensation of pad wearing, which can also provide a interlock protection signal to PLC by adding limit switches. It is characterized by large braking force and flexible action, non-asbestos liner, reliable performance, easy maintenance and long service life. It is suitable for loading and unloading machinery, lifting and transporting machinery and metallurgical machinery in the transmission mechanism of deceleration and parking brake.
Technical parameters
--Rated braking torque: 200~20000Nm
--Brake wheel diameter: 250~1250mm
--Pusher stroke: 50, 60, 80mm
Lectotype series
-- YP1, YP2, YP3, YP11, YP21, YP31, YP32, YP41

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