Parallel shaft gearmotor

Parallel shaft gearmotor

•  The helical gear reducer and motor are connected as a whole, input shaft and output shaft in parallel layout.

•  Modularity design, good box rigidity, high bearing capacity, good performance, flexible installation ways.

•  The gears are made of high-quality alloy steel, by carburizing, quenching and tooth grinding process.

•  Used in mechanical equipment drives of metallurgy, mining, chemical, environment, textile, paper industries.

The helical gear reducer and motor are modularized and connected as a whole, the input shaft and output shaft are in parallel layout, and the transmission ratio is finely graded and wide range. It is characterized by good box rigidity, high carrying capacity, reliable operation, good performance, high efficiency, small size, flexible installation ways and long life. The gears and gear shafts are made of high-quality alloy steel by carburizing, quenching and tooth grinding process. Parallel shaft gearmotor is widely used in mechanical equipment drives of metallurgy, mining, chemical, environmental, textile, paper making and other industries.
Technical Parameters
-- Motor rated power: 0.12~200kW
-- Rated output torque: 4~17070Nm
-- Gear ratio: 4.22~1 4.11
-- JXF37~157

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