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 Parallel shaft helical geared motor

Parallel shaft helical geared motor

Parallel shaft helical geared motor is a new generation of modularized mechatronics products, which can be combined with common motor, brake motor, explosion-proof motor, variable frequency motor, servo motor and IEC motor respectively. It is widely used for low-speed drive of mechanical equipment in metallurgical, machinery, petroleum, chemical, foodstuff and other industries.

The parallel shaft helical geared motor consists of 2-stage or 3-stage helical gear reducer and motor with very small eccentricity between the reducer shaft and motor shaft. It fits to tight space, and make various system solutions possible when combined with centralized converter or distributed converters. Made of high-quality alloy steel, the helical gear is surface hardened, and machined by high-precision equipment. It is suitable for being used in the mechanical drive applications in a tight space thanks to its advantages of high bearing capacity and driving torque, flexible mounting, stable and reliable performance, low noise, and long service life.
Technical parameter
-- Motor power: 0.12~200kW
-- Output torque: 110~100000Nm
-- Gear ratio: 4.03~15685.03:1
-- Installation: feet-mounting, flange, hollow shaft, solid shaft, etc.
-- Location: M1~M6

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