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Low-noise multi-channel nozzle

Low-noise multi-channel nozzle

Designed with special nozzle channel, the low-noise multi-channel nozzle stands out for significantly reduced sound level, high blowing power and long reach as well as low air consumption. It is widely used in drying, blowing-out and blowing off applications.

This low-noise multi-channel nozzle is designed with special channel and multiple cylindrical jet orifices, which can produce high-impact flat fan pattern air flow. Its internal construction designed based on the aerodynamics principle, effectively reducing the air resistance during jetting, and ensuring high air flow impact while working with low noise and air consumption. It features high blowing power, reduced sound level, and low air consumption. The low-noise multi-channel nozzle is mainly used for blowing out and blowing off, drying, cleaning, workpiece cooling and pneumatic conveying.
Technical parameters
-- Connection: 1/4NPT, 1/4BSPP, M12×1.25
-- Maximum operating temperature: 50°C (POM), 200°C (aluminum), 600°C (316L stainless steel)
-- Material: POM, aluminum, stainless steel 316L 
-- Air pressure: 1~5bar
-- Medium: compressed air

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