Mill roll

Mill roll

•  Roller is an important consumable part of rolling mill and has a long service life.

•  The roll surface has high hardness and precision, good wear resistance and heat resistance.

•  Refined raw materials, strict production process, can be processed a variety of roller shapes.

•  Used as work roll, finishing roll for strip steel, wire rod, section steel and non-ferrous metal rolling.

As important consumable parts of rolling mill, the functions for bearing the rolling force, and the influences resulted from wearing and temperature variation. The mill rolls are categorized as work roll, intermediate roll, backup rolls, etc. The fabrication processes of the roll include forging, rough machining, conditioning, non-destructive inspection, finishing machining, quenching and grinding, thus the rolls have the characteristics of high surface hardness, excellent wear and heat resistance, and high accuracy; the crown surface profile of the mill rolls is machined by precision roll grinder. The mill roll quenching layer is quite deep, and can be ground repeatedly to a certain extent. The mill rolls can be used as working roll and rough, medium, finishing rolls of strip steel, wire rod, section steel and non-ferrous metal rolling.
Technical parameter
-- Roll diameter: Ø450~2000mm
-- Barrel length: 650~3000mm
-- Barrel profile: micro-crowned (2mm) (roll diameter≤1250mm, total roll length≤4000mm)
-- Steel grades: alloy steel forgings, high-speed steel, semi-steel, silicon steel and other high-strength steel castings 
-- Surface hardness: HS40~95 (cold and hot roll surface), HB190~270 (conditioned roll for hot rolling)
Lectotype serise
-- Work roll/hot rolling roll/backup roll: max Ø200/Ø1600Ø2000

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