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Ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensor works for sensing the position, distance and tension of the target object via ultrasonic media in a non-contact way. It is mainly used in the industry, national defense, biomedicine for detecting the transparent or colored objects, metal or non-metal objects, as well as solid, liquid, and powdery substances.

With piezoelectric ceramics as the transmitter and receiver of sound waves, the ultrasonic sensor provides diversified outputs, such as digital and analog outputs. It is designed with temperature compensation and supports parameter setting with software, RS232 interface or plug. The ultrasonic sensor stands out for its high accuracy, wide sensing distance and stable operation as well as strong versatility. It is suitable for being used in harsh environments, including fumy, rain, snow and steam environments, and is not affected by light, dust, color, surface reflection and shape.
Technical parameter
-- Maximum sensing range: 200~6000mm
-- Electrical output: PNP, NPN, analog, relay, external processor, etc.
-- Switching frequency: 0.8~15Hz
-- Type: through-beam type, reflective plate type, reflective type, double probe system
-- Housing: cylindrical, rectangular, etc.

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