Roll grinding machines

Roll grinding machines

•  CNC system of grinding machine controls multi-axis compound motion and grinding the roller surface.

•  Each moving part of the grinder has electric, hydraulic and mechanical interlocking structure.

•  It has high level of automation, good repeatable positioning accuracy and safe and reliable operation.

•  Suit to grind convex and concave roll, roll necks on medium/small rolling mills, and cylindrical workpieces.

The CNC system of the roll grinding machine controls the multi-axis compound movement of the machine tool according to the mathematical model of the generatrix of the roll surface for the grinding the roll barrel by the abrasive wheel. It equipped with Siemens highly automated operating system. Using horizontal feed shaft, vertical reciprocation, medium and high micro feed servo motor drive, with grating measurement device to achieve closed-loop control, machine tool repeated positioning accuracy. The moving parts of the roller grinder have electrical, hydraulic and mechanical interlocking structures to ensure safe and reliable operation. It is suitable for grinding convex and concave roll surfaces and roll necks on medium and small rolling mills, and processing other cylindrical workpieces.
Technical Parameters
-- Diameter of workpiece: Æ80mm~1600mm
-- Max. weight of workpiece: 25~60t
-- Workpiece rotation speed: 4~50rpm, max. abrasive wheel linear speed: 45m/s
-- Max. grinding convex (concave): ≤2mm
-- Machine repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.001mm
Lectotype serise
-- M8432~8463, MQ8450, MK8450~84200, MKD84125~84200

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