Self-lubricating bushes

Self-lubricating bushes

•  Wearing part is provided in the shaft bush and guide-way where the mechanical rotating and sliding.

•  The solid lubricant is inlaid and processed on the metal matrix, which can be self-lubricating.

•  High bearing capacity, strong self-lubricating, impact and high temperature resistance and long life.

•  Used for heavy duty, low speed mechanical equipment rotating & guiding occasions difficult to lubricate.

Self-lubricating bushes, also known as self-lubricating bearings, is wearing part. In the ordinary sliding bush, bearing bush and other matrix friction surface processing orderly arrangement of appropriate size holes and then solid lubricant such as graphite is embedded into the matrix. It mainly used for the rotating and guiding moving parts of mechanical equipment. The bush has the advantages of high bearing capacity, good self lubrication ability, impact resistance, high temperature resistant and long service life. It is widely used in positions where the heavy-duty mechanical equipment moves at low-speed and rotating and guiding parts which are unable to lubricate and form oil film.
Technical Parameters
-- I.D./O.D.: Ø10/12~300/305mm (cylindrical type), Ø100/150~710/1000 (spherical hinged type), Ø14/20~120/140mm (flanged cylindrical type)
-- Length: 10~120mm (cylindrical type, flanged cylindrical type), 70~500mm (spherical hinged type)
-- Service temperature: -100~300℃
--  Matrix material: High force brass, copper alloy, extra hard high force brass, cast iron, etc.
Lectotype serise
-- Ø10/12×10~Ø300/305×120, Ø100/150×70~Ø710/1000×500

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