Self-lubricating bushes

Self-lubricating bushes

•  Wearing part, used for mechanical rotating, sliding bush surface and guiding parts.

•  It is made of copper alloy matrix and embedded solid lubricating material and can be self-lubricating.

•  Small friction coefficient, high bearing capacity, high temperature and impact resistance, self lubrication.

•  Used for heavy duty, low speed, mechanical equipment and other moving parts difficult to form oil film.

Self-lubricating bushes is provided in the shaft bush and guide-way where the mechanical equipment will conduct swiveling, swinging and guiding movement. It is wearing parts, has two types available: inlaid and common sliding bushes. The common sliding bush does not have inlaid solid material and needs oil lubrication; the inlaid sliding bush is made of copper alloy base metal and inlaid solid lubricating material, self-lubricating. It has the advantages of small friction coefficient, high bearing capacity, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, and strong self-lubrication ability. It is widely used in positions where the heavy-duty mechanical equipment moves at low-speed and other moving parts difficult to form oil film.
Technical Parameters
-- I.D./O.D.: Ø6/10~160/180mm (cylindrical type), Ø15/26~300/430mm (spherical hinged type), Ø10/14~120/140mm (flanged cylindrical type)
-- Length: 8~150mm (cylindrical type), 12~165 mm (spherical hinged type), 15~100mm (flanged cylindrical type)
-- Service temperature: -40~200℃
-- Matrix material: Aluminum brass, tin brass, aluminum bronze, cast iron, etc
Lectotype serise
-- Ø6/10×8~Ø160/180×150, Ø15/26×12~Ø300/430×165

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