Universal coupling

Universal coupling

•  The universal cross joint has angular and radial compensation performance.

•  Adopt integral fork structure, large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency.

•  Spline shaft structure adopted for axial expansion compensation, ensures smooth transmission and low noise.

•  Suitable for transmission machinery, transport machinery and other heavy machinery.

The universal coupling is mainly used to connect two transmission shafts of different axes. It is of integrated fork design which provides high loading capacity and transmission efficiency. The telescopic part adopts the spline shaft to achieve stable transmission and low noise. It not only has a variety of structural forms, but also operates safety and reliably and has long service life, thus it is widely used in transmission machinery, lifting and conveying machinery and other heavy machinery fields.
Technical parameters
-- Rated torque transmission: 1.25~1000kNm
-- Swiveling diameter 75~620mm
-- Axis angle: 15°~25°
-- Length: about 300~3000mm
Lectotype series
-- SWC075~620/SWP160~640/SWZ160~550

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