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Cold metal detector

Cold metal detector

Generally, the cold metal detector (CMD) is used to detect non-transparent objects with temperature less than 1000°C, and it functions as an important field detection component in wire rod production line. The detector is mainly used in metallurgical industry systems for position detection of the moving non-transparent objects.

This series of cold metal detectors detect the objects and can be used for continuously measuring long-distance laser ranging based on phase comparison concept; the detectors emit a modulated high-frequency laser beam, and receive from the measured object the light with phase shift returned, which will be compared with the reference signal. The measurement result based on the differential phase is accurate up to mm level. The cold metal detectors feature strong interference proof, long sensing distance and reliable performance. It is suitable for object ranging, positioning and crane positioning in high temperature and other harsh environments.
Technical parameter
-- Detecting accuracy: ±1mm
-- Detecting distance: 0.1~30 m (diffuse type), 0.1~150 m (standard reflector)
-- Detecting mode: direct reflection, specular reflection
-- Output type: PNP, relay, RS422, etc.
-- Switching mode: NO, NC, NO + NC

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