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Hot metal detector

Hot metal detector

The hot metal detector (HMD) is used to identify the front end and direction of the moving hot metal. It is widely used for detecting the position of hot metal of various shapes like blanks, strip and bar in continuous casting and hot rolling production lines, etc.

Based on the circle/linear array scanning principle to detect infrared signals radiated by hot metal or objects, this series of sensors is able to accurately detect the position and speed of the object. It is equipped with full metal protected housing and temperature compensation system, which support it working continuously, stably and reliably in extremely variable temperature environment and harsh environment. Integral and split optical fiber hot metal detector are available, of which the preset detection temperature range is adjustable. The hot metal detector is mainly used in hot rolling, heat treatment, positioning, slitting, etc., especially, it is applicable for steam environment.
Technical parameter
-- Sensing distance 15~20m
-- Sensing range 300℃~1400℃
-- Output type: PNP, NPN, relay
-- Switching mode: NO, NC, NO + NC

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