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Safety light grid

Safety light grid

Composed of a set of transmitters and receivers, the safety light grid is a kind of photoelectric equipment that provides protection for the workers working around various dangerous devices, and prevents people from approaching mobile machinery. It is mainly used in the cases where safety protection is required.

The protection distance of single-beam light grid is 65m max, and for multi-beam light grid, 2/3/4 beams are available, which can constitute a 2-D protection area. It is possible to change the sensing capability and the height of the protection area according to application requirements. The device is highly safe and stable, and easy in installation, and it has good vibration and light interference resistance. The safety light grid provides safety for operators and equipment in complicated and harsh environments and is widely used at the equipment in machinery, automobile, warehousing, logistics and printing sectors, etc.
Technical parameter
-- Sensing distance: 0.2~65m
-- Protection height:500~900mm
-- Output: 2 circuits or relay
-- Safety rating: class 4

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