Cross-cut shear blade

Cross-cut shear blade

•  The blade is cutting up and down, which is used for cross cutting and fixed-length cutting of coil or plate.

•  The edge is sharp, advantages of wear resistance, not collapse, good parallelism, smooth shearing incision.

•  Blade replacement is simple and convenient, high cutting amount of steel, long service life.

•  Suit for cross cutting shear, plate shearing machine and metal products processing line, etc.

The Cross-cut shear blade is long shape, used for metal coil material or plate material cross cutting and fixed-length cutting, mechanical and electrical, metallurgy, and sheet metal processing. It is characterized by cutting up and down, smooth shearing incision, blade sharp, wear resistance, good parallelism and uniform hardness. It is made of alloy tool steel or high-speed alloy steel, and undergoes forging, machining, heat treatment, or fine grinding to adapt to different materials to be cut and different working conditions. It is widely used for cutting shear, plate shearing machine, and metal products processing lines, metallurgical production lines and so on.
 Technical Parameters
-- Length: 550~1750mm 
-- Thickness: 16~100mm
-- Parallelism: 0.01mm
-- Blade material: 5CrW2Si, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, H13, etc.
Lectotype serise
-- 550~1750×16~100

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