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•  A sealing component with a circular cross section, most widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic seals.

•  Molded from rubber material, strong interchangeability, good sealing, easy assembly and disassembly.

•  Acid and alkali resistance, oil and temperature resistance, pressure resistance and other properties.

•  Suits for sealing sealing occasions of pipelines, valves, lubrication, hydraulic, pneumatic equipment, etc.

The O-ring is short for o-ring seal, widely used in static seal, dynamic seal, mechanical seal, acts sealing function for liquid and gas. It is compression molded from various rubber materials with a circular cross section, strong interchangeability, excellent sealing, easy assembly and disassembly. It is characterized by acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, temperature and pressure resistance. It is applicable for sealing occasions of pipelines, valves, hydraulic, lubrication and pneumatic equipment, etc.
Technical Parameters
-- Internal diameter×section diameter: Æ1.8×1.8~Æ670×7mm (hydraulic, pneumatic)
                               Æ11.8×1.8~Æ134×6.4mm (mechanical seal)
-- Working pressure: ≤31.5MPa
-- Service temperature: -60~230℃
-- Materials: nitrile rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, fluororubber, silicone rubber, polyurethane rubber, etc.
-- 1.8×1.8~670×7 (hydraulic, pneumatic), 11.8×1.8~134×6.4mm (mechanical seal)

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