Electromagnetic brake

Electromagnetic brake

•  Disc type electromagnetic brake, mostly installed in the motor tail end.

•  The electromagnetic force of the DC coil is used to control the brake.

•  Braking mode is non-excitation braking, easy to automatic control.

•  Used in deceleration and parking braking of mechanical and equipment transmission mechanism.

The electromagnetic brake controls the brake by relying on the electromagnetic force of DC coil, and plays the role of controlling torque transmission and movement in the transmission. It features compact structure, quick braking response, large starting torque, reliable performance, and allows easy remote control and automatic control. It is widely used in deceleration and parking braking of transmission mechanism in hoisting and transporting machinery, metallurgy and mining equipment, wind power generation device.
Technical parameters
-- Rated braking torque: 5~1200 Nm
-- Rake power: 30~150 W
-- Brake voltage: 99/180V (DC)
Lectotype series
-- E01~14

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