Elastic sleeve pin coupling

Elastic sleeve pin coupling

•  Slightly compensate relative offset of two drive shafts, with damping, buffering and electrical insulation.

•  Hole spacing accuracy requirements are not high, easy installation and maintenance.

•  It has the characteristics of large loading capacity, small size and light weight.

•  Suitable for mechanical transmission with small impact and vibration load.

The coupling compensates to some extent for the relative offset of the two drive shafts and general vibration damping and electric insulation properties. It is applicable for the medium and high speed shaft drive that always needs to change the running directions and starts frequently. It is light and small in size and the hole spacing accuracy requirements are not high, easy installation and maintenance, but has high loading capacity, it needs high manufacture and installation accuracy. It is not suitable for occasions where the dynamic load changes greatly or there are strong shocks and torsional vibrations.
Technical parameters
-- Rated torque: 6.3~16000 Nm
-- Allowable speed: 6600~800r/min
-- Shaft hole diameter: 9~160mm
-- Shaft hole length: 25~242mm
-- Working temperature: -20~60℃
Lectotype series
-- LT1~13/LTZ1~9

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