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Capacitive centering sensor

Capacitive centering sensor

Capacitive centering sensor is specially used in strip processing industry to provide users with accurate strip position detection. Together with the control system and servo valve, it forms the plate-belt alignment system(CPC). It is widely used for on-line correction of different kinds of strip production lines in the fields of machinery, metallurgy, electroplating etc.

Composed of a transmitting electrode installed at the bottom and a receiving electrode at the top mainly, the sensor mainly functions for sensing the side position of the metal strip for centering the strip. It is easy and quick in adjustment, and has high sensing accuracy and stability in operation, but is not sensitive to the environment interference. The capacitive centering sensor is characterized by robust structure, mechanical shock resistance, easy in configuration and maintenance. Capacitive centering sensor is suitable for a variety of centering applications in  harsh working environment, especially, such as high temperature environment and inaccessible places.
Technical parameter
-- Sensing width: 15~2200 mm
-- Sensitivity: 1V/inch
-- Output impedance: 100 ohms

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