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Magnetostrictive displacement sensor

Magnetostrictive displacement sensor

Magnetostrictive displacement sensor is a high-precision sensor working based on the technology of magnetostriction to provide long-stroke absolute position measurement. It is widely used in level measurement, displacement measurement and control in petrochemical, water conservancy, electric power, aerospace and other industries.

Operating based on the technology of magnetostriction, the magnetostrictive displacement sensor is used for accurately measuring the object position by means of a strain pulse signal generated through the intersection of two different magnetic fields. The measuring element is a wave guide pipe, and the sensitive element inside the wave guide is made of special magnetostrictive material, which can provide non-contact and absolute measurement. The magnetostrictive displacement sensor has the advantages of high accuracy, high stability and reliability, and wide measuring range. It can be used for the cases requiring highly accurate measurement,  such as hydraulic automatic gauge control system (AGC) of the rolling mill, cold-rolled strip production line and coiler, etc.
Technical parameter
-- Sensing range: 0~100mm to 0~5750mm
-- Output: 0~10V, 4~20mA, STSP, SSI, CAN, etc.
-- Protection degree: IP64/IP67/IP69K

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