Circular blade

Circular blade

•  The disc blade, used for cutting edge, longitudinal-cut or slitting of strip or sheet of various materials.

•  Use high-quality tool steel or alloy tool steel, according to the material to be cut and working conditions.

•  The blade has a sharp edge, does not collapse, wear resistance and long service life.

•  Apply to rotary side trimmer, longitudinal-cut shear and slitting shear, etc.

The blade is of disc shape, and used for side trimmer the strip or sheet of different materials, various types of longitudinal-cut shears or slitting shears. It performs cutting while is rotating, and is characterized by smooth and flat shearing incision, sharp edge, wear resistant and impact resistant; the circular blade can be used repeatedly for grinding and with long service life. It made of high-quality tool steel, alloy tool steel or high-speed alloy steel, can shear all kinds of specifications, materials, suitable for different working conditions. This kind of blade is widely used in rotary side trimmer, longitudinal-cut shear and slitting shear, etc.
Technical Parameters
-- Diameter: Ø350~1500mm
-- Thickness: 40~70mm
-- Parallelism: 0.005mm
-- Material: T10A, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, W18Cr4V, etc.
Lectotype serise
-- Ø350~1500×40~70mm

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