Circular blade

Circular blade

•  The disc blade, used for slitting and side trimmer the strip or plate with different thickness and material.

•  The edge of the blade does not collapse, and the cutting incision of the material is neat without burr.

•  The advantages are wear resistance, high precision, less replacement times and long application life.

•  Apply to rotary side trimmer, longitudinal-cut shear, slitting shear, etc.

The blade is of disc shape, and used for cutting edge and longitudinal-cut strip of different metal materials. It performs cutting while is rotating, and is characterized by smooth and flat shearing incision, the cutting edge is sharp, wear resistance and high precision; the circular blade can be used repeatedly for grinding and with long service life. It made of high-quality tool steel, or alloy tool steel or high-speed alloy steel according to the material to be cut and working conditions. It is widely used in rotary side trimmer, longitudinal-cut shear and slitting shear, etc.
Technical Parameters
-- Diameter: Ø350~1800mm
-- Thickness: 40~70mm
-- Parallelism: 0.003mm
-- Material: T10A, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, W18Cr4V, etc.
Lectotype serise
-- Ø350~1800×40~70mm

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