Slurry pump

Slurry pump

•  Combines advanced hydraulic technology of standard pump and eddy action of embedded impeller.

•  With reliable sealing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, etc.

•  For fragile solids and viscous or fibrous slurries pumping and larger particles to pass through.

•  For pharmaceutical, chlor-alkali, rough machining, large diameter solid, thin mud, waste liquid treatment.

The slurry pump combines advanced hydraulic technology of standard pump and eddy action of embedded impeller, is designed with a wide gap at front end of its impeller to allow larger particles to pass through. The solid matter sucked into the vortex of the rotating liquid is discharged through the gap at the front end of the impeller under the centrifugal force and the vertex prevents particles from being crashed to the largest extent. Meanwhile, the air and handling capacity of the pump has also been improved. It is characterized by a semi-open type embedded impeller and a non-contact labyrinth seal. The vortex formed minimizes the wearing of the pump and prevents particles from being crashed. The pump is used for conveying fragile solids and pumping viscous or fibrous slurries without failure.
Technical Parameters
-- Maximum flow rate: 750 m3/h
-- Maximum head: 100 m
-- Maximum pressure: 25 bar
-- Service temperature: -80~+350℃

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