Non-clogging self-priming pump

Non-clogging self-priming pump

•  A new type, high efficiency single stage single suction non-clogging self-priming centrifugal pump.

•  With strong self-priming ability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low noise, easy maintenance, etc.

•  For any concentration corrosive liquids with a small amount of solid particles and are easy to crystallize.

•  Used as a conveying pump, or for the occasions of liquid inhalation.

It is a single stage non-clogging self-priming centrifugal pump with single suction, of which the mechanical seal is of combined type composed of built-in and external part that are made of pressure-less sintered SiC, featuring corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. The unique sealing design makes its service life several times that of ordinary mechanical seals, especially used in conditions containing a small amount of solid particles and are easy to crystallize and so on. Mechanical seal can withstand temperature 280℃. The components of the pump contacting the conveyed media are made of steel 45, 304, 316L or PPH, PFA depending on the media to be conveyed. This Non-clogging self-priming pump is widely in urban drainage, sewage treatment plant, industrial sewage treatment, chemical liquid and other environmental fields.
Technical Parameters
-- Flow rate: 6~ 400 m3/h
-- Head: 5~80m
-- Temperature: -20~+250℃
-- ZH200-150-400

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