High temperature chemical pump

High temperature chemical pump

•  As a single-stage single-suction centrifugal chemical pump, the flow part is made of 321, 304, 316L, CD4MCu.

•  Good thermal adaptability, reliable sealing without leakage, high efficiency, low noise.

•  Suitable for conveying corrosive high temperature liquids without solid particles.

•  Used in various production lines, such as pickling pump, acid circulating pump, acid conveying pump, etc.

As a single-stage single-suction centrifugal chemical pump, it is equipped with advanced and leakage free mechanical seals, and has the advantages of good thermal adaptability, high efficiency and low noise. The components of the pump contacting the conveyed liquid are made of stainless steel 321, 304, 316L, or CD4MCu, etc. depending on the fluid conveyed. High temperature chemical pump is used for different working conditions of temperature less than or equal to 350°, petrochemical industry, textile printing and dyeing, dye industry, wood processing, plastic and rubber processing, food industry, paper printing, can be used as a circulating pump, pump and so on. The pump is suitable for pumping high temperature corrosive liquids without solid particles.
Technical Parameters:
-- Flow rate: 3.2~400 m3/h
-- Lift: 5~125 m
-- Temperature: ≤ +350℃

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