No-leakage self-control self-suction pump

No-leakage self-control self-suction pump

•  A non-sealed self control self-suction pump.

•  Superior self-control ability, wear resistance, continuous self-priming except for the initial flow inducing.

•  Suitable for liquids containing solid particles, oily sewage and other liquids.

•  As a conveying pump, can replace long axis submersible pump, submersible pump and submersible sewage pump.

No-leakage self-control self-suction pump is a kind of self-control self-suction no-leakage pump, characterized by continuous self-priming except for the initial flow inducing. The sealing is wear- and friction free during operation, thus the pump service life is over 10 times longer than that of the similar pump. Furthermore, the pump is of high temperature and high pressure resistance design, and pumps of different materials like stainless steel, reinforced polypropylene, carbon steel, cast steel, and cast iron are available, depending on the medium to be conveyed. This series of pumps are widely for conveying various liquids in chemical, petrochemical, coatings, ceramics, textile printing and dyeing, mining and mineral processing and other industries.
Technical Parameters
-- Flow rate: 0.75~ 6850 m3/h
-- Total head: 5~133m
-- Temperature: -40~+80℃
-- T/G/PP/BXG16~800WFB-AD1

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