Cylindrical spiral spring

Cylindrical spiral spring

•  Cylindrical spiral spring is common mechanical part, has compression spring, stretch spring, torsion spring,

•  Straight characteristic line, large elastic deformation ability, restoring nature length after unloading.

•  Characterized by compact structure, stable rigidity, long service life and easy manufacturing and installation.

•  Used for buffering, vibration reduction, storage capacity and motion control in machine and equipment.

Cylindrical spiral spring is a basic mechanical component. It is usually round cross-section, and made to a spiral shape by cold coiling and hot coiling, and then followed by corresponding heat treatments according to different materials used. Common cylindrical spiral springs include compression spring, tension spring, and torsion spring; when subjected to external load, the compression spring contracts and deforms, stores deformation energy; stretch spring is applied to produce elastic force after stretching. It is characterized by compact structure, stable rigidity, long service life and easy manufacturing and installation. It is widely used for buffering, damping, energy accumulation and movement controlling of mechanical equipment.
Technical Parameters
-- Spring diameter: 20~400mm, Wire rod diameter: 1~14mm
-- Effective number of turns: 2~30 (compression spring), 2~110 (tension spring)
-- Free height: 10~1000mm (compression spring)
-- Materials: 65Mn, 60Si2MnA, 50CrVA, stainless steel, special alloy steel, etc.
-- Working temperature: -40~210℃
Lectotype Serise
-- Ø20~400mm (All kinds of standard springs), or customized non-standard spring

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