Disc spring

Disc spring

•  The disc spring is made of metal plate or forging blank material, with variable stiffness characteristics.

•  The capacity of bearing, buffering and vibration reduction can change by using various combinations.

•  Short stroke, large load, strong shock absorption buffer, compact installation, easy maintenance, long life.

•  Used in heavy machinery and other industries for strong buffering and vibration reduction, reset, etc.

The disc spring is a kind of washer type spring with truncated conic section. It is made of metal plate or forged plate and undergoes different heat treatments according to different materials. It can change the bearing capacity, buffering and vibration reduction capacity by using different combination methods of pair, superposition and compound. The disc spring is characterized by variable stiffness, short stroke, large load, strong shock absorption buffer, compact installation, easy maintenance and replacement, long life and suitable for the cases where the axial space is small. It is widely used for heavy machinery, military, automotive, petroleum, aerospace and other industries of strong buffer and vibration reduction, reset, clutch, etc.
Technical Parameters
-- Nominal thickness: 0.4~14 mm
-- O.D./I.D.:Ø8/4.2~250/127 mm
-- Material: 65Mn, 60Si2MnA, 50CrVA, etc.
-- Service temperature: -40~210℃
Lectotype serise
-- Standard spring outer dia Ø6~250mm, or customized Ø250~600mm

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