Rubber lined roll barrel

Rubber lined roll barrel

•  The roll barrel is lined with rubber layer material on the surface of seamless steel pipe roller.

•  Layer has certain elasticity and hardness, made of acid alkali corrosion-, temperature resistant material.

•  It has the characteristics of wear-, corrosion-, temperature and pressure resistance.

•  Used for cold rolling, pickling, galvanizing, color coating, printing and dyeing, printing production lines.

The rubber lined roll barrel is an important part of the press roll (snubber roll), cradle roll, supporting roll and etc. It is a wearing part, and assembled together with the mandrel, bearing chock and rolling bearings. The roll barrel is made of seamless steel pipe and the rubber layer on the external surface of the seamless steel pipe, the rubber lining layer is made of chemical materials with acid and alkali corrosion resistance and temperature resistance. Which has certain elasticity and hardness, and with the characteristics of wear-, corrosion-, temperature and pressure resistance. It is widely used in the production lines, such as cold rolling, pickling, galvanizing, color coating, printing and dyeing, printing and other production lines.
Technical Parameters
-- Roll barrel diameter: Ø130~350mm
-- Roll barrel length: 300~1650mm
-- Lining material: polyurethane, nitrile rubber, neoprene, hypalon, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, etc.
Lectotype serise
-- Ø150~300×300~1650

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