Linear rolling guide-way

Linear rolling guide-way

•  A precision guide part, accurately controls moving part for linear reciprocating motion in given direction.

•  Guide rail and slide are made by CNC grinder and shaping tool, with rolling friction between the two ones.

•  Low frictional resistance, high positioning accuracy, strong bearing capacity, stable run, good reliability.

•  Used for machine tools, precise instrument, mechanical equipment, automatic device, medical equipment, etc.

The linear rolling guide-way is a precision linear guide component, accurately controls moving part for linear reciprocating motion in a given direction. The guide rail and slide are made of alloy steel, of which the contour is ground by CNC grinding machine and a special shaping tool. It is with rolling friction between the slider and the guide rail, good mobility, not easy to crawl at low speed. It is characterized by small friction resistance, high positioning precision, strong bearing capacity, low noise, stable operation, good reliability and good interchangeability. It is widely used for machine tools, precision instrument, mechanical equipment, automation device, medical equipment, etc.
Technical Parameters
-- Guide-way nominal size: 25 ~ 125 mm (roller type), 16~85 mm (steel ball type)
-- Single rail weight: 3.2~84.6kg/m (roller type), 1.62~35.5kg/m (steel ball type)
-- Length of single rail: max. 6m
-- Rolling element: roller, steel ball (rolling ball)
--GZB25~125, GGB16~85, GSB35~55, GGC9~15, GGD35~65, GGF15~25

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